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Drizzle - OfflineKI

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New Uru Age Manager Database!

As many of you may know, the creator and maintainer of Drizzle and the original UAM database of Ages, Dustin (aka ddb174),  has retired from the community some months ago, and since then Drizzle, the Uru Age Manager and the UAM Shard were left without a maintainer.
Drizzle is not being developed anymore, but it still works. You can still download Ages with UAM but new Ages are not going to be added to its list. And the UAM Shard just works, but nothing more.

This has started to become a problem just lately, when new ages have been finished by some Age Writers and they had no way to deliver them to the non-technically-expert Uru Community, because they couldn't be added to the list of UAM.

This is why today diafero announced a new UAM Database, the Deep Island UAM Database.

How does this work? Well it's easy, it work the same way the original UAM database worked: you just have to open your Drizzle, go the the UAM tab, click on the Change Server button and insert the address of the new database:
Confirm the change and push the Get Latest List button to update your list of Ages. And there you go! Everything is ready for downloading the new ages.

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Offline KI 3.6 released

Le Ki hors-ligne apporte le Ki et autre changements aux jeux UU et TPOPTS que vous utilisés. Il vous permet d'atteindre les âges des fans et les âges Cyan convertis par Drizzle (de MOUL, Myst V ou l'un des autres jeux pris en charge) : Chacun d'eux est intégré dans l'environnement existant. De plus, ils vous permet de créer des missions de jeux de marqueurs et d'utiliser le flymode pour inspecter les âges. Il dispose d'un grand nombre de commandes Ki pour le développement et le déboggage des âges. Sous Alcugs Shards, il corrige aussi beaucoups de problèmes en mode multijoueurs.

La version 3.6 du KI hors-ligne est disponible en téléchargement :  Allez voir à pour les instructions d'installation et de plus amples informations, et vérifez votre UAM pour le télécharger (DI-Shard l'a déjà installé). A partir de cette version, je laisse disponible le code source Python du KI hors-ligne (voir le wiki pour les adresses de téléchargement). Lire la suite

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Offline Ki Version 3.5 Announced

Guild of Writers’ member diafero recently announced the release of Offline Ki version 3.5.  Highlights of this release include a large number of new commands, including updates to flymode

The Offline Ki, according to diafero, brings the Ki and other changes existing in Until Uru and MOUL to a user’s standalone “Uru Complete Chronicles” (CC) or “The Path of the Shell” (TPOTS) games. 

 According to diafero:

It lets you create and play marker missions and use flymode to inspect ages.  It features a lot of Ki commands useful while developing and debugging ages.  On Alcugs Shards, it also fixes a lot of multiplayer issues.  It allows you to reach fan ages and Cyan ages converted by Drizzle (from MOUL, Myst V or any of the other supported games): All of them are integrated into the existing environment. 

This update includes, among other elements, enhancements to flymode which allow it to work on multiple objects at once, including other players, or to “warp the controlled object(s) to a specific location."  There are enhancements to the Relto music player and there are Object struct commands, inspired by and based on old UserKi and AdminKi code.  A complete list of highlights for this release can be found at

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Great News for Fan Age Players and Authors Alike!

The return of the UAM KI plugin (a Cyan-approved project), the release of Drizzle29, and the list of Age updates for September!

All these things are available through Drizzle/UAM and the UAM Shard! (Just type /uam to bring up the help.) Since these are major new features, please bear with us and report any bugs!

Uam Ki Plugin v17: Lire la suite

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